Dream A Little Dream

Happy Wisdom Wednesday & Welcome to another quote reflection! Today we discuss a quote I saw used on social media!

You ever see a quote or a post that hits hard and fast initially and then sinks in to mean something so much deeper once you’ve read it again and again…? It may be a short statement or a quick reference to something you agree with, but you give it time to sink in, and you meditate on it’s meaning? Maybe you share it with those closest to you who will also relate to the message it sends.

Well this was one of those quotes for me, and after reflecting on it I’ve decided that I wanted to share it with you all!

“God planted a dream in your heart for a reason. No one else can dream it for you. No one else will accomplish it for you.”

— Joel Osteen

Dreaming is Necessary

Merriam-Webster defines a dream as “a strongly desired goal or purpose” (2021), and for today’s discussion, this will do just fine.

Every goal starts with a dream. Whether we read about it, see it, think of it, or hear it, we create an idea of how our situation/ career/ relationship/ finances/ investments would be, in an ideal world. It’s our dreams that light something inside of us, fueled by a desire to change. Everyone’s story is different… but everyone has one. An origin story of sorts. Whether its a story begun with a love for Indie music, a divorce, a degree path, a finance journey after years of debt and financial struggle, or the start up of a business led by passion and interest… we all start somewhere.

It’s necessary that we dream, and it’s also necessary that we heed the message our dreams send to us. Once we understand our hopes and aspirations we can better prepare a plan for our future. Outline the changes that need to take place in order for you to achieve your goals, and be consistent on your journey to get there.

Plan For Action

One day we make a decision, commit to the change, and make a move… the next, we’re a different person on a different path. Life is full of those moments isn’t it? It’s up to us to take our dreams and make them a reality.

There’s a reason that people say “chase your dreams”… it’s because dreams don’t just happen to you, you have to chase them down. Stay humble and grateful when you enter the path of success and achieving your goals. As you know, it isn’t easy to make them happen for yourself.

Stay the course and trust your path, make the big decisions when you need to, and stay motivated to do what’s necessary to achieve your goals. They won’t happen overnight, but with hard work, determination, motivation, and a plan, you can make them happen for yourself.

In closing, don’t just let your dreams sit inside of you… don’t limit your dreaming to when you’re sleeping and then leave them where they originated. I encourage you to question your dreams and aspirations, (Ex: What makes you want to do it? What is the goal you want to accomplish? Where are you starting from, and what do you need to do to get there?) and then make a decision and start!

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